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Database Application Design and Database Tuning


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Database Application Design

I'm spent much of my entire professional career between being an application developer and a DBA. Much of this in small shops, where I've worn the DBA hat on the side while building high performance applications on top of Oracle and Informix. I also worked with Oracle as a DBA consultant, spending time with customers tuning their applications and databases. Lucky for me I'm working in a Sybase shop for the last 5 years to round out my experience!


Database Tuning

I've been collecting some new material for my guide to developing database applications.  The activity of writing this document and attempting to capture some of my experience over the last many years was motivated by a recent article I read in IEEE Software addressing the issue that much of Software Engineering literature is dedicated to process, but not to the topic of writing software itself. There are of course books that regurgitate the various APIs and show you how to use them in the small, but how does one learn how to write an applciation that efficiently uses an RDBMS?  Well now I've put my stake in the ground.

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