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I've been playing with a simple reflection/Javabean caching solution. I was searching for an open source solution to the problem of caching (write through) some java beans that are backed up by a database. I didn't need the cache to support the write through, and I can recover the cache contents from the database. What I wanted was a simple way to do QBE on a pool of objects, and to index all the various fields. I've got to push the jar file with the source up to the website over the next few days.

It's been 6 years since I spoke on Model Driven Development of Web Services at Java One 2002 in San Francisco. MDA hasn't really taken off. It's still kicking around, you can check out the AndroMDA project and it's integration with ArgoUML. I haven't spent any time trying to use it, but it seems interesting.

Personally, I've lost interest in MDA, though I think there must be some value in there someplace. I've cut over the akutan.org website to open source finance and left the MDA content here.

I wrote an article on EJB/J2EE patterns for Java Report, prior to publication they stopped publishing and so you can read it  here.

I participated in a panel discussion on the future of Java, XML and Web Services, moderated by Ken North, at JavaCon 2001 in March, 2001.  You can listen to the audio here.

One paper I've got to show for my efforts is Architecting Distributed Object Systems. It covers some basics of building distributed systems and includes a few design patterns which are useful. I'm working on updating this paper to provide more information on EJB as it's somewhat focused on CORBA, though the concepts are useful in the EJB world as they are written.

I was also part of an interesting virtual roundtable on elegance in software with Grady Booch and some other developers.

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